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‘Hey You Guy’s’ and remembering the 1980’s

If there was ever a decade that Japanese Cartoons and animation was most likely to encounter you, it was probably the 1980’s.  Ever since Astroboy some 50 years ago, the Japanese style of animation was being refined but in the decade I was born, it both flowered in a renaissance as well as a new zenith of global acknowledgement and popularity.

Recently I was invited by Brian and Sara Turner of Cricket Press to participate in an 80’s themed invitational art show called “Hey You Guy’s” .  Deciding what I wanted to work on was perhaps my biggest challenge since I love so many things that came out of that decade.  I had been a bit late in getting started and had also seen what some other artists had done and I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to stand out a little, but more importantly I wanted to make sure that a certain genre, or universe was acknowledged and so I chose Otomo’s Akira mainly because of it’s impact on me.

Although I most certainly watched the film in the 90’s, at least a decade after it was created, this groundbreaking film not only changed animation films, but Science Fiction itself I would wager.

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