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     This is my interpretation of Suchomimus, the “Crocodile Mimic” an early cretaceous Spinosaurid from Niger.  Almost every single other life restoration of this animal shows it feeding on aquatic life along a body of water.  I wanted to do something different.  We know that some Dinosaurs migrated and we also know that they also lived in colder environments than previously thought.


     My rendition of Suchomimus depicts it inhabited a wooded upland or mountain environment during the cold season.  Up in the mountain forests it will hunt for small mammals, dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and other warm blooded prey while the rivers and lakes are frozen over by ice.  It’s warm winter coat of proto-feathers helps insulate it’s body temperature as well as providing camouflage to hide it from both it’s prey and larger predatory dinosaurs.  Prints are available at my online store.suchomimus_web_watermark_detail2

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