About the Project

Bluegrass Wild will consist of giant-multi panel digital murals created by artist Stevie Moore that will depict a scenic perspective of our recent past in the Bluegrass region of Kentucky.  The artwork will highlight many species of animals and plants that can no longer be found within the bluegrass region but once lived here in abundance.  The public art will be showcased at two Lexington locations, the Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning and the Living Arts and Science Center.  The project was funded by the Department of Environmental Quality and Public Works, in partnership with LexArts and serves to promote wildlife conservation and restoration and increase awareness of the unique history and ecology of the region.  Some of the amazing animals and plants you will see in the murals include the American Mastodon and Columbian Mammoth depicted aside the equally immense White oaks which used to be quite common in the central Kentucky region but have since diminished or entirely disappeared.